Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pinky Where Are You ??

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know I am still in the land of the living.
Work has been very hectic leading up to Christmas, so I haven't had alot of time to indulge in reading.
I have also been the beta reader for a lovely lady; Carol Bond for her upcoming epic fantasy work "The Unseen Promise". Stay tuned for an author interview with Carol and a review of her book in 2013.
I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Wonderful Holiday Season, and to keep an eye out in 2013 for lots of new reviews, author interviews and giveaways.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 - Releases

I am very excited to let you know that two wonderful authors are releasing their books on this very memorable day!
Breaking The Nexus by Lindsay Avalon
Throughout history, myths and legends of extraordinary creatures have been told and retold. Fantastic tales of demons and banshees, gryphons and dragons, and of course, magic. Stories that every child grows to learn are nothing more than fantasy…or are they?
Beyond the world you see lies a hidden realm, the Mythrian Realm, inhabited by all of the creatures you’ve been told are mere fiction. Only one thing lies between humans and the truth: the Nexus. A magical barrier erected millennia ago to separate the two realms, it has stood the test of time. Until now.
For Mythrian Sha Phoenix, magic is nothing new. But when she stumbles upon a portal on the verge of collapse, her fate will forever change. Pulled through the portal into the Human Realm, she lands in the middle of Detective Connor Flynn’s brutal murder scene. Soon it is obvious someone is using blood magic to try to bring down the Nexus. Together, Connor and Sha must work to unravel the secrets before the barrier falls and the realms collide.
The Nexus is breaking and all hell is about to unleash…literally.

Dying to Remember by Trish Marie Dawson
The next installment in The Station Series by Amazon Bestselling Author, Trish Marie Dawson, takes readers on another lively journey through the after-life adventures of eighteen year old Piper Willow.

Piper has new challenges to overcome, new names to learn and is faced with a new Station occupation. Did she make the right choice - choosing to stay at the Station and become a Volunteer? Does she really want answers to the questions that never leave her mind? How did the Station come to be? What lies beyond? Who is Andurush and what, exactly, does he want with Piper?

She must ask herself once again if she has what it takes…but this time it isn't about saving lives, it's about discovering what lies beyond death. Would you want to know?


Both Available 12/12/12 on Amazon
All images and text used with permission.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cover Reveal ....

A cult has been killing children for its rituals and only one cop knows who they are. Detective Stan Brookshire knows but his past keeps people from believing in him. Can he rise above the stigma that shrouds his past and stop a cult from taking yet another innocent child from her mother’s arms before its too late?

The man in the corner listened in the darkness, the wind whistling through the crack in the window frame, billowing his hair around him. The child in the room with him was invisible in the darkness. Even the power of the sun, let alone the light from the full moon, could not dampen the gloom hidden behind the boarded windows.
Hearing a sound, the man stiffened. It was the child; the sweet, young child.
"Very soon, my precious, very soon," Joseph whispered, his breath coming in short gasps. Excitement filled his belly; time was drawing closer for the boy.
Footsteps in the hallway caused the boy to whimper in fear, lighting the man's loins on fire. Desperately wanting the forbidden, to touch and play with the boy, he tried to force the urge back down. He wasn't allowed that pleasure, yet. The priests would come soon and the boy would have to be pure. The man's needs would have to wait. The boy would have to wait.
Dreaming of the day he would finally be able to have his way with the boy, the man fixed the delicious whimpers in his memory. The boy would no longer be able to cry and plea.
It was coming soon. So close now.
On the other side of the room, he heard the ominous creak of the door opening. Blinding light silhouetted a figure dressed in long robes.
He hurried over and retrieved his boy-child, his breath coming in gasps so ragged that he thought his lungs would cease to function.
A whimper was all that escaped the gag when the boy tried to scream. Cringing at the man's touch, he fought against the bonds, causing the man's groin to harden once more.
The man smiled. He tightened his grip upon the boy as he tried to wiggle free. The door stood open, waiting for him and the boy.
Suddenly, the door swung closed behind him, plunging the room into darkness once again.

Allison Cosgrove was born and raised in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. A married mother of three daughters, she works in accounting by day and creates her own worlds by night. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters hiking in the woods or sitting by the fire reading a good book. She has had the love of reading and writing detective mysteries from the age of twelve but it has only been since the birth of her youngest that she has gotten serious about crafting some of her own works for others to enjoy. She credits her family and friends with being the driving force that has given her the strength to breathe life into her books.



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bone Dressing: The Deaming - Trailer

Hi all, the trailer for Bone Dressing: The Dreaming has just been released!
Bone Dressing is a wonderful series by the very talented Michelle Brooks.
You can find reviews of Bone Dressing and Bone Dressing: The Dreaming here at Pinky's Favorite Reads

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Tour - Aliefka Bijlsma

Today I am pleased to host
Aliefka Bijlsma 
Author of The Consul General's Wife


If you could invite any 5 people to dinner who would you choose?
John Coetzee, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Susan Sontag, Obama, Janis Joplin
If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?
My son (albeit I’d not want him there if I thought it was dangerous J), my two sisters. The three of those people combined would mean: adventure, medical care, practical insight.
If you were a superhero what would your name be?
Pepi van Dongen (we used to say that combining your first pet’s name with your mother’s last, would make an excellent porn-star name, so why not superhero…).
Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book. Because you don’t want to make the same mistakes in life my characters did.
Any other books in the works?
Goals for future projects? I have an idea for a new novel which is set in Ghana (Kumasi). It could well be my first historical novel, although I’d like to write it as if we’re on (or under) the skin of the protagonist: the wife of a British governor. Steamy and from the senses.
Future projects: I’m hoping the two screenplays I’ve been working on will enter a next stage, and I’ve currently been commissioned to write a Kid’s TV Series.
What inspired you to want to become a writer?
I always wrote as a child and teenager, but never considered it as a profession. I became a lawyer but woke up one day not being able to speak. The struggle to speak lasted almost two years until I found a proper balance in treatments (I have a neurological disorder which I won’t bore you with). Writing was my outlet. Slowly but surely, I allowed myself to see writing as not just a hobby, but a craft.
Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
When readers find me through the Internet and say my novel touched them in some way.
If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world.. which would it be?
Lady Chatterley’s Lover.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you “grew up”? Various things at various stages. Dancer, actress, lawyer, doctor.
How did you know you should become an author?
A piece I had written was turned into a play, and my words had an affect on the audience, to such an extent that one woman cried and thank me. She came from the Caribbean. The theme of my piece had been that we all have our struggles, despite our skin colour or ancestry. A white women can have an equally hard time finding a place in this western society.
Who are your favorite authors of all time?
Can you see yourself in any of your characters?
I am in all of them.
What’s the craziest writing idea you’ve had? 
If we were to undo the wrongdoings in history, starting with a president who ships all ancestors of slaves back to Africa…. What would happen to the world?
What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Know your strengths and don’t waste time trying to turn your weaknesses into strengths. My ex-husband told me this. It sounds so simple but it’s incredibly hard for me.
Buy now:
Genre – Contemporary Fiction
Rating – R
For more details:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bound By Blood Giveaway Winners

And the Winners are ...... *Drum Roll*
1st Prize - Merrie P Wycoff who wins the 3 Ebooks, Spiral Notebook and 10 Postcards
2nd Prize  Carrie who wins the 3 Ebooks and 10 Postcards
3rd Prize - Katie Shelby who wins the 3 Ebooks and 10 Postcards
4th Prize - Suzannah Daniels who wins the 3Ebooks and 10 Postcards
If I haven't already contacted you, please send me a message or comment below so we can arrange to get your prize to you.
Thank you to everybody who entered, and to the wonderful Patti Roberts for providing the prizes for this giveaway.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bone Dressing - The Dreaming

Author: Michelle Brooks
Published: 11 November 2012
Publisher: Savage Enterprises, LLC
Genre: Paranormal /Urban Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies
The time for best friends and midnight escapes to the cemetery Syd calls home is over.

As Syd faces the dangerous mysteries lurking in the shadowed depths of her past, she must sail from the shores of sanity through the rocky waters of the unknown on her journey to the sleeping bones of her next past-life. Caught on a roller coaster ride through mysterious cultures, rogue mercenary pirates, past loves and new-found abilities, Syd must find the strength to listen to her own heart. She must find a way to embrace her destiny, her future ... and her past.
Help continues to come through the unlikely team of Sarah and T.J., Syd’s personal time-challenged dynamic duo. Blipping on and off her radar at the worst times, they never seem to be front and center when she really needs them. And Beau ... when will she be able to function, to breathe, in his presence? What is her inescapable connection to him? And why can’t he admit his attraction to her?
Off on a race against time, against evil-incarnate, against her own fears and passions, Syd must turn to the strength within. To the strength of Bone Dressing. Bone Dressing: The Dreaming, the second in a series of seven books, will carry Syd and Beau further on their adventure that transcends life itself.
Michelle Brooks has continued the intriguing story of Syd and her companions Beau, Sarah and T.J as we travel with Syd on her journey of self discovery.
In The Dreaming we learn more about Mr A and unravel further 'dressings' of Syd as she comes to learn more about who she is and her connection to Beau . 
I thoroughly enjoyed the journey on which Michelle took us, and laughed and cried all over again, when Syd, in another of her 'dressings', loses her one true love. They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, in Syd's case, this is truly an apt expression.

Roses at Dusk - Giveaway

Running from - November 14th - December 20th.

It's easy! Just Download your e-copy of Roses at Dusk from Amazon US/UK and be in the draw to Win the paperback of Roses and this beautiful heart/dove necklace!

Once you have downloaded - leave your name/email/proof of download on The Roses at Dusk Event Page!/events/412633525475008/
The Winner will be drawn December 20th!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paradox - Bound by Blood

Author: Patti Roberts
Published: 28 October 2012
Pages: 267 pages
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Bound by Blood is the third book in the Paradox series.
In this instalment the reader is further drawn into the story of the Grigori and the Bulgardi, and the tribes that make up the Ancient World, and is taken back in time to live through the Judgement and learn why the Grigori were exiled into the bowels of the underworld.
We learn more about Angela who up until this point has been in the background, as she retells the legend of St Valentine. Is she really there just to support Grace as she comes to terms with the changes that are going on around her or does Angela really have another role to play?
We are also privileged to experience some of the previous lives of Damon and Juliette as Grace continues to have more vivid dreams of the lives of Juliette, and I for one found my heart breaking each time their lives were torn apart once again.
Patti seamlessly blends the story of the Ancient World with the current, as Grace learns that her friend Clair is actually descended from a powerful witch, and we are drawn further into the lives of Abaddon and Cerberus and the ever aptly named Weasel.
I found Bound by Blood and the continuing story of the Ancient Worlds entirely mesmerising and can't wait for book four - Equilibrium.
 I must also thank Patti for the ARC of this novel.

Luca's Magic Embrace

Author: Kym Grosso
Published: 17 October 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

We first met Luca Macquarie in Kade's Dark Embrace when he helped his best friend, Kade Issacson and Kade's mortal girlfriend Sydney Willows, rescue Samantha Irving (a novice witch) and return her to her coven.
When Samantha decides to leave the coven and escapes to a mountain hideaway, Luca is determined to bring her back and protect her from those who are still intent on harming her.
We follow Luca and Samantha as they go on a journey to search for a mystical amulet that both the Witches and Vampires alike will kill to have in their possession. What is so special about this amulet, and why does everybody want to kill Samantha to get it?
I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it takes us further into the New Orleans world of witches, vampires and werewolves, and if you thought that the action in Kade's Dark Embrace was hot, Luca takes it to a whole new level.
I must also thank Kym for the ARC of this novel.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Angel's Kiss

Author: Lynne Stevie
Published: 20 July 2012
Pages: 268
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

This is the story of Alexandria Hayes-Lewis (Lexie) who has been marked at birth by an Angel's Kiss. What Lexie doesn't know is that the seemingly innocent birth mark actually has a deeper meaning.
Lexie manages her family's detective agency, and when an ordinary case turns deadly and she is brutally attacked, things seem to start spiralling out of control, and why does she keep having these nightmares that are so vivid that they make all her senses come alive.
Lynne Stevie has managed to encompass murder, mystery and intrigue with a paranormal bent all the way to the end, that will keep you breathless and wanting more. It is hard to believe this is her debut novel.
I can't wait for the sequel to be released.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Love's True Second Chance

Author: Jeff Dawson
Published: 27 February 2011
Genre: Autobiography
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

I was totally blown away by this book. I laughed and cried as Jeff Dawson took us on a truly emotional roller coaster ride of love, loss, hope and heartbreak.
Jeff falls for his high school sweetheart Debbie and all is good in the world, until he goes to college, and as in so many cases the long distance relationship doesn't work and they separate.
Both move on with their lives, but true love is sometimes meant to be and both are given a second chance, but at what price.
Debbie is being treated for breast cancer, will their love be strong enough to survive it. This story is a reminder that true love can conquer all and that family is really all there truly is.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Knocks

Author: Craig Stone
Published: 16 February 2012
Genre: Autobiography
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 dragonflies
When Craig gave me the opportunity to read his autobiography Life Knocks and post an honest review, I wasn't sure what I was going to find, as it is outside my normal genre. However once I started reading, I wasn't disappointed that I had tried something new.
Life Knocks tells the story of Colossus Sosloss (Craig) and his adventures as he goes through life. Quite frankly however, with the amount of drug/alcohol use described, it's a small miracle that Craig has any grey matter left to write this brilliantly entertaining novel.
I laughed, and cried along with Craig, as he told us his story of love, life and loss, and there were times, I wanted to just skip his tales of the present, and be immersed in the stories he told of his time with Lily.
There were times that I questioned his sanity, especially when he describes some of his harrowing situations in comedic form, and how he could possibly have lived with his landlord without killing him in the night is a true wonder.

I recommend this book to anybody who wants to loose themselves in an amazing life.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Win a Kindle for Christmas

Win a Kindle for Christmas
Supporting Indie Authors
My friend, the very talented and wonderful Patti Roberts is hosting a giveaway on her site - Paradox - The Angels are Here.
For more information, go to:

Drawn 24 December 2012.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Foundling Wizard (Apprentice to Master)

Author: James Eggebeen
Published: July 2012
Genre: Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies
I was lucky enough to be one of the beta readers of this book, and to receive a gift of the finished product.
This is a wonderful story set in a fantasy world and tells the story of Lorit, a young man who has just learnt of his wizard powers and we follow his journey as he makes his way to the Wizard Masters who will help him reach his full potential. However, the high priests in the Temple of Ran have found out about Lorit and his powers and are keen to enslave him for their own purposes.
We are introduced to a number of primary and secondary characters along the journey, and all of them interact so well that you are drawn into their lives and become part of their family as they help and sometimes hinder Lorit's journey.
James Eggebeen is truly a remarkable author with an even more remarkable imagination, from his description of the crossing of the Plains of Grass to Lorit's journey across the sea you will be drawn into Lorit's world and be taken on a journey that has numerous twists and turns that culminates in an ending that will surprise you.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story, and am looking forward to taking further journeys with Lorit.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Her Twisted Pleasures

Author: Amelia James
Published: 13 August 2012
Pages: 147 pages
Genre: Erotica
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4.5 dragonflies

Her Twisted Pleasures is a collection of interconnected stories, about Alex, Talia and Will. Talia is dating Will, their relationship is nice and safe, but Talia craves more, and that more is Alex - dangerous, reckless, exciting.
When Will picks up on the sparks that fly between Alex and Talia, he sets plans in motion that will ensure Talia gets the excitement she craves without getting hurt. But the best laid plans always have a way of unravelling.
This collection of mini stories reads more like a novel and the underlying story line follows throughout. 
Yes, there is hot steamy sex, and lots of it. With a mix of sensual, erotic and a little bondage thrown in for good measure, it should appeal to all tastes.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anybody who enjoys this genre. I must admit however to making sure nobody was reading over my shoulder on the train in parts.

I must also thank Amelia James for the ARC, and can't wait to sink my teeth into 'Tell Me You Want Me'.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk

Author: Lenore Wolfe
Published: 2nd Edition - 19 February 2011
Pages: 242 pages
Genre: Historical Romance/Paranormal

Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Amanda "Mandy" Kane grew up as part of a secret women's society of  the Lakota, who taught her their ancient ways. It is with the Grandmothers help that Mandy seeks to stop the man behind the mask. It is through her visions and dreams, that the Grandmothers guide Mandy to the man she is destined to marry, Hawk. But Mandy soon learns that Hawk is no ordinary cowboy, and he has his own secrets to hide. Ashley McCandle wants Mandy's ranch, and will do anything to get it, but what is his connection to Hawk, and why is he hell bent on destroying everybody that Mandy cares for?

Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk is a beautifully well written romance that had me hooked from the first line.

Mandy is a feisty, determined young woman in a mans world. Hawk is a true warrior who comes with a dark past that threatens to consume him. As the story progresses we are taken on a wild ride of love and torment that has many twists and turns before it culminates into an explosive ending that will leave you breathless.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hacienda Moon

Author: KaSonndra Leigh
Published: 28 July 2012
Pages: 245
Genre: Gothic/Paranormal Romance
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

"Hacienda Moon is a seductive tale of one woman's journey to confront the demons of her past and find the courage to face her future".

This synopsis by the extraordinarily talented KaSonndra Leigh truly does not express the wondrous tale woven into this story of love, loss and betrayal.

Following an horrific event in her childhood Tandie is left with psychic visions which she uses in her role as a police medium, however her job and life are thrown into turmoil following her divorce and the death of her daughter in a car accident.

We follow Tandie as she returns to start a new life near her home town, and for some explicit reason is drawn to an alluring plantation house 'Chelby Rose'. We are introduced to the owner of Chelby Rose, and to the contractor hired to restore her to her former glory. But everything is not as it seems, as strange things start occurring that lead Tandie to believe that she is pivotal to breaking a century old curse that sees the worlds of both the living and the dead collide.

I was drawn into this story from the very first page.

KaSonndra Leigh has mastered the art of story telling and has written a story that is so totally spellbinding as it develops around the richness of her characters and their interaction.

You truly feel like you are part of the story and will find yourself drawn into their lives as they all combine into a climactic ending that will leave you breathless.

I can't wait to see where Tandie's life as a Pathseeker takes her next.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Defying the Sheikh

Author: Michelle Hughes
Published: 31 March 2012
Pages: 96 pages
Genre: Mild Erotica/Historical Romance (Novella)
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 dragonflies

When Michaela Rosewood finds herself married to Sheikh Abdul Armon Hanbali, she is none to impressed, especially after studying books on Saudi Arabia and how they treat their females. We follow Michaela and Armon on their journey as two strong willed personalities come together and learn how to adapt to each other.

Michelle markets this story as her first foray into Historical Romance and in my opinion I feel she has pulled it off wonderfully. I enjoyed the strong willed Michaela and her fiery exchanges with Armon, as well as the softer side of their relationship.  Yes many readers may find the story line and Armon's way of life disturbing, however I feel that Michelle's research into this area has been well done.

There are many steamy scenes in this novella, best read when there is nobody looking over your shoulder.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kade's Dark Embrace

Author: Kym Grosso
Published: 5 March 2012
Pages: 180 pages
Genre: Crime/Paranormal Romance
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

When hard core Philadelphia detective Sydney Willows starts to investigate a series of ritualistic murders involving young women, she is none to happy being forced to work with sexy New Orleans vampire, Kade Issacson. But more importantly, she has trouble understanding the why and how, when Kade starts showing up everywhere she goes.

When Sydney is viciously attacked while investigating the murders, Kade takes matters into his own hands and decides to take her back to New Orleans. It is here that Kade leads Sydney deeper into the world of paranormal, magic and voodoo, as together they piece together who the perpetrator of the murders is, and their motive.

Kym has written a fantastic story that captivates you from the first page. It is a mix of fast-paced crime and paranormal romance that is sure to entice a wide reading audience. She has built a cast of believable main characters and their interaction is faultless.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and can't wait for the next instalment (especially if it is as hot as this one was!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tell Me When It Hurts

Author: Christine M Whitehead
Published: 1 June 2009 (Paperback)
Genre: Romance
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Archer Loh is a suburban lawyer, wife and mother who has a secret. Connor McCall is a Harvard graduate, turned Wyoming Sheep rancher who desires nothing more than to see the child he walked away from.

When her life falls apart, Archer moves to an isolated cabin in Massachusetts to hide from the world. Her peace full retreat is invaded when Connor McCall sets up camp on the vacant land next door. After an icy start, Archer and Connor's relationship develops into one of mutual understanding and friendship.

They each have demons in the past that they aren't quite ready to deal with, but with each others help they learn to accept what has happened and move forward, that is until Connor is forced to return to Wyoming and Archer realises that maybe she doesn't want to be isolated any more.

This story made me laugh and cry (much to the chagrin of the man sitting next to me on the train at the time!). My heart swelled with joy and broke as we are led on a journey of loss, despair and self discovery as, with Connor's help, Archer comes to understand that it is OK to continue living even though her daughter isn't, and Connor learns it is never to late to form a relationship with someone you thought you had lost.

This is a wonderfully written story, that will draw you in, and you won't want to leave until the end.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Void (The Weaver Saga)

Author: John Abramowitz
Published: 11 May 2012
Genre: SciFi/Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 dragonflies

The Void is the continuing story of Alex Cronlord and Moira McBain. Alex is a "Weaver", who, thanks to a group of scientists at the Wells Society has the ability to see the future, which enables them to track a group of mutant zombies called Xorda.

In this instalment we follow Alex as she learns more about the gift her mother Ainsling so kindly (or not so kindly) decided to give her, as she works with Moira McBain an FBI agent to protect the world from the Xorda.

When Alex's visions start to replay the past instead of the future, she comes to learn the truth about just how much Ainsling is involved, and the need to protect her family, at all cost, even if it means loosing her own life.

This is a well written story, that will leave your wondering just what will happen next and will Alex be able to save the world, and her family from devastation., or will the Xorda be too strong.

Bound by Blood

Author: Kimberly Hoyt & Danielle Bourdon
Published: 10 September 2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Time Travel
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 Dragonflies

When I first started reading Bound by Blood I thought it was just another girl (Laurel) meets boy (Sebastian), girl falls for boy, live happily ever after type story. However, after the first few chapters, my opinion changed.

This story developed into a heart warming story of love that spans centuries. That blends fact and fiction during the reign of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.  

Will Sebastian and Laurel get the chance to spend their life together or will their future be irreparably changed forever.

Bound by Blood will have you gasping for breath as you prepare for an ending that promises to keep you spellbound till the very last page.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I am going to be M.I.A for a week or so, while I beta read for two wonderful authors.

When I get back, stay tuned for the following reviews:

The Void - John Abramowitz
Bound by Blood - Danielle Bourdon, Kimberly Hoyt
Tell Me When it Hurts - Christine Whitehead
Free Fall - Carolyn Jewel

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Doomed (Ancient Legends #2)

Author: Jayde Scott
Published: 11 December 2011
Pages: 236

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (our of 5): 5 dragonflies

Fallen Angel Cassandra (Cass) is determined not to take over the family business, and decides to make changes so that she is not bound to Hell forever. Her father however has other plans, and brings her home to help promote his image.

When Cass again meets Dallas after he follows her home from work one night, she feels their immediate bond, he is her soul mate, and she will do everything to make sure their life together is a long one. But fate has other plans.

We are led on a roller coaster ride of emotions, as Cass tries to protect Dallas from discovering her secret, all while helping his sister Amber and her vampire boyfriend Aidan (are vampires really allowed in Hell?), and marketing her fathers image.

Cass thinks she has it all worked out, until she learns the fateful truth that can, and will change her life forever.

Jayde Scott has written a wonderful story that follows Cass as she tries to make it on her own without her fathers influence. But as we all know, from time to time we need help from others.

This book was also marketed under the title Beelzebub Girl.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Silver Locket

Author: Marie Fostino
Published: 30 September 2011
Size: 54,000 words
Genre: Young Adult/Light Romance
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Another wonderful heartfelt story by Marie Fostino.

The Silver Locket follows the story of Jennifer who, after her daughter Janie is late home from school, is propelled back to her own adolescence as she remembers her life growing up.

Jennifer and her family have to move when her dad gets a new job. As the story develops we share her pain at being torn from her friends, as well as her joy when she finally meets her first love Jacy. We stand by and watch as Jacy teaches her so many things in life, some good and some not so good, and ultimately feel her pain when her most joyous day also becomes her most painful.

You will laugh and cry as you read The Silver Locket but it will also make you think, that it could quite easily be a story that could happen to anyone of us.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Struggle of the Heart

Author: Marie Fostino
Published: 14 November 2011
Pages: 151
Rating (out of 5): 4 dragonflies

This is the story of Annette, a young woman who moves to Norman, Oklahoma to attend college. While she is still struggling to decide what she wants to study, she meets Aaron a vivacious young man who knows what he wants from life.

While their relationship develops she learns he is keeping a secret from her, he has signed up to join the army and will be leaving soon for boot camp. They keep their love alive through correspondence but is it enough.

Following the devastating bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Annette decides what she wants to do with her life and chooses a life changing career path.

This is a wonderfully written story of love and self-discovery as we follow Annette as she grows into the woman she has always wanted to become. She faces obstacles and challenges and in the end has to make a heartbreaking decision.

But does she make the right choice. You will need to read the story to find out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Steampunk Detective

Author: Darrell Pitt
Published: 3 January 2012
Pages: 204
Genre: Science Fiction/Steampunk
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

OK, so I stepped outside my usual genre with this one, however I wasn't disappointed. The Steampunk Detective is a classic detective story with a steampunk theme.

Written in the vein of Sherlock Holmes, and set in Victorian London, we are introduced to orphan Jack Mason who is given a second chance when he is placed in the employ of Ignatious Doyle a Consulting Detective.

We follow the adventures of Jack and Mr Doyle as they track down and expose the mysterious Phoenix Society, travelling from London, to Germany, the Swiss Alps and France, meeting a host of interesting characters along the way.

Coupled with it's historical references and building in the steampunk alternate time line, this novel is sure to delight readers young and old.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Whats New

As part of my blog redesign, I am going to include a few new areas:

Featured Author - I will feature new authors and help them to promote their debut novels.

Blog Tours - To help authors to promote an upcoming book launch or book tour.

Meet the Author - What better way to have readers connect with you and your books, than for them to read an author interview.

If you would like me to host you for a week, help promote your upcoming launch or if you would like me to post an interview with you, send me an email at

Coming Soon

Watch this space for my review of the Darrell Pitt novel "The Steampunk Detective".

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinky.. Where Are You ????

Hi All,

You have probably wondered why I haven't uploaded any reviews recently. Well the answer is quite simple really.  I have been busy beta reading for some lovely authors, and have been concentrating on giving them the best feedback I can.

Stay tuned though, because I have a host of books of my usual genre waiting to be reviewed, and I also have a couple of others; A Struggle of the Heart by Marie Fostino and Diary of a Teenage Superhero by Darrell Pitt awaiting my attention, so you will soon be inundated once more.

Hugs, Pinky

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tomorrows Child

Author: Starr West
Published: 12 February 2012
Pages: 286
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 stars

Set in a time that could almost become a reality, Tomorrows Child tells the story of a community who comes together as they try to survive in a world that has spiralled out of control.

Interwoven in this story of survival is the story of Psyche Darnell. We follow Psyche as she learns about the gift that she was destined to receive, but is not sure she wants; and as she learns  how to come to terms with everything this gift brings with it.  She also discovers her link to Phoenix and why she is drawn to him so strongly and why he is always in her thoughts and dreams.

Along the way we are introduced to a host of characters (not all of them good) and discover how they affect Psyche on many different levels.  

Starr West has created a truly believable story that is well written and takes the reader on a journey through darkness and light. There are moments of suspense and others of deep feeling where you feel your heart breaking along with the characters involved.

This is truly a thought provoking story, about what really could happen in a post-apocalyptic world.