Friday, March 30, 2012

Dark Moon

Author: Maggie Tideswell
Published: 19 September 2011
Pages: 242
Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 stars

For Storm Fenton her life is just about perfect. She is in love with Trevor, the man of her dreams and knows it is just a matter of time before he asks her to become his wife.

But Storm's dreams of a life with Trevor are turned upside down when she meets Jarred, and realises that Trevor isn't quite the man she first thought him to be, and starts to question his behaviour.

When Storm is asked to profile a serial rapist/killer that is on the loose; and meets the one victim who has managed to survive and can identify the killer, Storms life starts to spiral out of control.

Maggie Tideswell takes the reader on a wonderfully written story that is infused with mystery, passion, sadness, unconditional love and of course magic. It will have you hooked with the first sentence, as you ride on a roller coaster of suspense and intrigue.

With a host of characters, one begins to wonder about their connection, and it is not until the last that they all tie together to culminate in an explosive ending that can't be predicted.

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