Monday, June 25, 2012

Tell Me When It Hurts

Author: Christine M Whitehead
Published: 1 June 2009 (Paperback)
Genre: Romance
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Archer Loh is a suburban lawyer, wife and mother who has a secret. Connor McCall is a Harvard graduate, turned Wyoming Sheep rancher who desires nothing more than to see the child he walked away from.

When her life falls apart, Archer moves to an isolated cabin in Massachusetts to hide from the world. Her peace full retreat is invaded when Connor McCall sets up camp on the vacant land next door. After an icy start, Archer and Connor's relationship develops into one of mutual understanding and friendship.

They each have demons in the past that they aren't quite ready to deal with, but with each others help they learn to accept what has happened and move forward, that is until Connor is forced to return to Wyoming and Archer realises that maybe she doesn't want to be isolated any more.

This story made me laugh and cry (much to the chagrin of the man sitting next to me on the train at the time!). My heart swelled with joy and broke as we are led on a journey of loss, despair and self discovery as, with Connor's help, Archer comes to understand that it is OK to continue living even though her daughter isn't, and Connor learns it is never to late to form a relationship with someone you thought you had lost.

This is a wonderfully written story, that will draw you in, and you won't want to leave until the end.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Void (The Weaver Saga)

Author: John Abramowitz
Published: 11 May 2012
Genre: SciFi/Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 dragonflies

The Void is the continuing story of Alex Cronlord and Moira McBain. Alex is a "Weaver", who, thanks to a group of scientists at the Wells Society has the ability to see the future, which enables them to track a group of mutant zombies called Xorda.

In this instalment we follow Alex as she learns more about the gift her mother Ainsling so kindly (or not so kindly) decided to give her, as she works with Moira McBain an FBI agent to protect the world from the Xorda.

When Alex's visions start to replay the past instead of the future, she comes to learn the truth about just how much Ainsling is involved, and the need to protect her family, at all cost, even if it means loosing her own life.

This is a well written story, that will leave your wondering just what will happen next and will Alex be able to save the world, and her family from devastation., or will the Xorda be too strong.

Bound by Blood

Author: Kimberly Hoyt & Danielle Bourdon
Published: 10 September 2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Time Travel
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 Dragonflies

When I first started reading Bound by Blood I thought it was just another girl (Laurel) meets boy (Sebastian), girl falls for boy, live happily ever after type story. However, after the first few chapters, my opinion changed.

This story developed into a heart warming story of love that spans centuries. That blends fact and fiction during the reign of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.  

Will Sebastian and Laurel get the chance to spend their life together or will their future be irreparably changed forever.

Bound by Blood will have you gasping for breath as you prepare for an ending that promises to keep you spellbound till the very last page.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I am going to be M.I.A for a week or so, while I beta read for two wonderful authors.

When I get back, stay tuned for the following reviews:

The Void - John Abramowitz
Bound by Blood - Danielle Bourdon, Kimberly Hoyt
Tell Me When it Hurts - Christine Whitehead
Free Fall - Carolyn Jewel

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Doomed (Ancient Legends #2)

Author: Jayde Scott
Published: 11 December 2011
Pages: 236

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (our of 5): 5 dragonflies

Fallen Angel Cassandra (Cass) is determined not to take over the family business, and decides to make changes so that she is not bound to Hell forever. Her father however has other plans, and brings her home to help promote his image.

When Cass again meets Dallas after he follows her home from work one night, she feels their immediate bond, he is her soul mate, and she will do everything to make sure their life together is a long one. But fate has other plans.

We are led on a roller coaster ride of emotions, as Cass tries to protect Dallas from discovering her secret, all while helping his sister Amber and her vampire boyfriend Aidan (are vampires really allowed in Hell?), and marketing her fathers image.

Cass thinks she has it all worked out, until she learns the fateful truth that can, and will change her life forever.

Jayde Scott has written a wonderful story that follows Cass as she tries to make it on her own without her fathers influence. But as we all know, from time to time we need help from others.

This book was also marketed under the title Beelzebub Girl.