Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Void (The Weaver Saga)

Author: John Abramowitz
Published: 11 May 2012
Genre: SciFi/Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 dragonflies

The Void is the continuing story of Alex Cronlord and Moira McBain. Alex is a "Weaver", who, thanks to a group of scientists at the Wells Society has the ability to see the future, which enables them to track a group of mutant zombies called Xorda.

In this instalment we follow Alex as she learns more about the gift her mother Ainsling so kindly (or not so kindly) decided to give her, as she works with Moira McBain an FBI agent to protect the world from the Xorda.

When Alex's visions start to replay the past instead of the future, she comes to learn the truth about just how much Ainsling is involved, and the need to protect her family, at all cost, even if it means loosing her own life.

This is a well written story, that will leave your wondering just what will happen next and will Alex be able to save the world, and her family from devastation., or will the Xorda be too strong.

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