Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Her Twisted Pleasures

Author: Amelia James
Published: 13 August 2012
Pages: 147 pages
Genre: Erotica
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4.5 dragonflies

Her Twisted Pleasures is a collection of interconnected stories, about Alex, Talia and Will. Talia is dating Will, their relationship is nice and safe, but Talia craves more, and that more is Alex - dangerous, reckless, exciting.
When Will picks up on the sparks that fly between Alex and Talia, he sets plans in motion that will ensure Talia gets the excitement she craves without getting hurt. But the best laid plans always have a way of unravelling.
This collection of mini stories reads more like a novel and the underlying story line follows throughout. 
Yes, there is hot steamy sex, and lots of it. With a mix of sensual, erotic and a little bondage thrown in for good measure, it should appeal to all tastes.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anybody who enjoys this genre. I must admit however to making sure nobody was reading over my shoulder on the train in parts.

I must also thank Amelia James for the ARC, and can't wait to sink my teeth into 'Tell Me You Want Me'.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk

Author: Lenore Wolfe
Published: 2nd Edition - 19 February 2011
Pages: 242 pages
Genre: Historical Romance/Paranormal

Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Amanda "Mandy" Kane grew up as part of a secret women's society of  the Lakota, who taught her their ancient ways. It is with the Grandmothers help that Mandy seeks to stop the man behind the mask. It is through her visions and dreams, that the Grandmothers guide Mandy to the man she is destined to marry, Hawk. But Mandy soon learns that Hawk is no ordinary cowboy, and he has his own secrets to hide. Ashley McCandle wants Mandy's ranch, and will do anything to get it, but what is his connection to Hawk, and why is he hell bent on destroying everybody that Mandy cares for?

Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk is a beautifully well written romance that had me hooked from the first line.

Mandy is a feisty, determined young woman in a mans world. Hawk is a true warrior who comes with a dark past that threatens to consume him. As the story progresses we are taken on a wild ride of love and torment that has many twists and turns before it culminates into an explosive ending that will leave you breathless.