Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Knocks

Author: Craig Stone
Published: 16 February 2012
Genre: Autobiography
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4 dragonflies
When Craig gave me the opportunity to read his autobiography Life Knocks and post an honest review, I wasn't sure what I was going to find, as it is outside my normal genre. However once I started reading, I wasn't disappointed that I had tried something new.
Life Knocks tells the story of Colossus Sosloss (Craig) and his adventures as he goes through life. Quite frankly however, with the amount of drug/alcohol use described, it's a small miracle that Craig has any grey matter left to write this brilliantly entertaining novel.
I laughed, and cried along with Craig, as he told us his story of love, life and loss, and there were times, I wanted to just skip his tales of the present, and be immersed in the stories he told of his time with Lily.
There were times that I questioned his sanity, especially when he describes some of his harrowing situations in comedic form, and how he could possibly have lived with his landlord without killing him in the night is a true wonder.

I recommend this book to anybody who wants to loose themselves in an amazing life.

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    The wonderful Dionne Lister wanted to leave a comment but due to technical difficulties was unable to, here is what she wanted to say:

    "This is one of my all-time favourite books Pinky and if you haven't already read his other book, The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness, I would put it on your tbr list :)"