Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paradox - Bound by Blood

Author: Patti Roberts
Published: 28 October 2012
Pages: 267 pages
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Bound by Blood is the third book in the Paradox series.
In this instalment the reader is further drawn into the story of the Grigori and the Bulgardi, and the tribes that make up the Ancient World, and is taken back in time to live through the Judgement and learn why the Grigori were exiled into the bowels of the underworld.
We learn more about Angela who up until this point has been in the background, as she retells the legend of St Valentine. Is she really there just to support Grace as she comes to terms with the changes that are going on around her or does Angela really have another role to play?
We are also privileged to experience some of the previous lives of Damon and Juliette as Grace continues to have more vivid dreams of the lives of Juliette, and I for one found my heart breaking each time their lives were torn apart once again.
Patti seamlessly blends the story of the Ancient World with the current, as Grace learns that her friend Clair is actually descended from a powerful witch, and we are drawn further into the lives of Abaddon and Cerberus and the ever aptly named Weasel.
I found Bound by Blood and the continuing story of the Ancient Worlds entirely mesmerising and can't wait for book four - Equilibrium.
 I must also thank Patti for the ARC of this novel.

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  1. Thank you Sharon for your book review. I look forward in handing over Paradox - Equilibrium, book 4 in the Paradox Series, sometime mid 2013 :) thank you once again, Patti xx