Saturday, January 5, 2013

Forbidden Touch

Author: K.S Haigwood
Published: 20 June 2012
Genre: Paranormal/Romance
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

When I first started reading Forbidden Touch, I thought to myself, Ok it's just another vampire story in reverse. By this I mean, the vampire in this instance was our female character and she had fallen in love with a mortal male. However, once I had read further I realised that there was more to this story than I first thought.
"Ciera has to break the ultimate vampire law to save Mitch, her mortal soulmate, from a terrible fate. Dane the vampire who would do anything to win her affection, is responsible for Mitch being framed for murder. A fast chain of events is set in motion, which leads to the soulmates being torn apart and Ciera to lose her heart to the one person she has always despised, Dane."
With her heart torn between Mitch her mortal soulmate and a love that is forbidden by the elders, and Dane her vampire 'brother', Ciera struggles to prove Mitch innocent of the murders being carried out by a rogue vampire which in itself turns out to be another twist to the storyline.
This story had me captivated from start to finish, and boy what a finish. The twist in the tail had me breathless, with an ending I never saw coming.


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