Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013 !

Happy New Year everybody,
welcome to 2013 we all made it !!

2013 is going to be even bigger than 2012, with lots more reviews, author interviews, cover reveals and giveaways!!
Some of the reviews coming soon are:
  • Forbidden Touch by K.S Haigwood
  • Birth of the Nyxian by Amanda Browning
  • Four Erotic Stories by Caroline Jane Wetherby
  • Forever and Beyond by Jayde Scott
These plus many others are on my list of reviews to post this year.
If I seem to disappear for a while I am still here, but may be busy with my day job and also doing beta reads for a few wonderful authors. So don't forget to check back often because you could be surprised with what you find !

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