Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spirit Dance

Author: Stephen G. Lonefeather
Genre: Romance
Pinky's rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Book Description
Some recover from broken relationships and learn to love again; some give up and begin the downward spiral toward loneliness. Is it fate, or are some just luckier than others? Might there be healing entities at work around us; Spirit-guides we only become aware of when we hit bottom? Can they reach out and touch us; shaking us loose from the grip of our depression and guide us toward a second chance?

A quarter blood Sioux woman and a disillusioned Montana cowboy down converging paths, a cocky bronc rider and a headstrong cowgirl let their guards down to experience the softer side of each other, and a broken-hearted Bayou Belle falls in love with a man who harbors a terrible secret, they all unwittingly become the stepping stones of a greater purpose.

Hundreds of miles from each other, Andy and Lynn find themselves reeling from the effects of separate personal crisis and sliding toward self-annihilation; until the intervention of an ethereal being arrests their actions and gives them renewed hope and direction. Subtly aware that an entity from the spirit world is guiding them, they begin a collision course toward each other and a new beginning.

If you believe in second chances, you’ll enjoy this unconventional meeting and journey back to wholeness. As Andy and Lynn learn to overcome their self-imposed roadblocks, they realize a couple’s inner connection is the key to a fulfilling relationship. Taking the second chance offered them they find that amid all the absurdities and wickedness in the world, there are still enough beautiful spaces in which people can fall in love.
My Thoughts
I was privileged to be contacted by the author of Spirit Dance, and given a copy for review.

As a person who believes strongly in spirituality and healing, this book ticked all the boxes.

Yes, this is a primarily a love story however before you dismiss it as another soppy romance, it’s not. There is a hint of romance, a dash of mystery and intrigue and a whole lot of enlightenment.
The author encompasses many underlying themes that are woven throughout the story as it progresses. From simple obstacles faced by new couples, to those hurdles that effect our lives as we grow together. These themes, mixed with the Native American ideal blend together seamlessly.
I would highly recommend this book to those who are looking for something just a little bit more in their love stories, and can’t wait to start on the sequel.

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