Saturday, March 30, 2013

Witchwood Estate - Going Home

Author: Patti Roberts
Published: 18 March 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Book Description
Alexandria Santorini learns as a child that she comes from a long line of Harvey witches. Now, as a teenager, Alexandria must say goodbye to Catnip Cottage and the Barnabys, her loving guardians for the last twelve years, and go home to Ferntree Falls to claim her inheritance. Witchwood Estate. The home where she was born and her parents were murdered. Her journey home becomes even more sinister, however, when she discovers that there are those who have other plans for her and her new friends…

My Thoughts
As a HUGE lover of Patti Robert's work I was thrilled when she announced she was releasing her "TV series" length books - The Witchwood Estate Series.
As anybody who regularly reads my reviews knows, I am a lover of all things paranormal; vampires, shifters, angels, you name it' I've probably read it. But I must admit I haven't read a lot paranormal containing witches, so was really quite excited when Patti said this was the basis of her new series.
Now before you start thinking OK a story about witches; this is no 'Charmed' or 'Merlin'.
The first book in the series; Going Home, introduces us to our heroine Alexandria, as she is getting ready to go home to Witchwood Estate to claim her inheritance.  We meet Olly and Martha Barnaby her loving but rather curious guardians, and then go with Alexandria on the first leg of her journey home.
What makes Patti's work so easy to read is that her stories have an emotion, spirit, and energy that draws you into the story and you are propelled along with them.
With each story only the length of a standard TV mini-series or show, it is quite easy to read in one sitting, and then, like any other favourite TV show, you have to wait with baited breath till the next exciting episode.

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