Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Even in Darkness - Giveaway

OK, for all of you who have a passion for Aiden MacRae, here is a competition being run by Cyndi Tefft during the Even in Darkness Blog Tour !

There will be three categories where you as readers can stretch their creative muscles:
  • Create a book trailer for Even in Darkness.
  • Create a new, original book cover for the first title in the series, Between.
  • Write a fan fiction piece using the characters from the Between series. There is no word limit, and the subject matter is entirely up to the writer.
There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place prizes for each of the three categories. Koomkey, a company that offers a way to send small monetary donations to artists, charities, and others via social media (how cool is that???), has graciously provided the following cash prizes:
1st Prize is $30 in Kashkeys
2nd Prize is $20 in Kashkeys
3rd Prize is a $10 Kashkey
Please visit https://www.koomkey.com/Account/How for all the deetails on this awesome new company.
To be eligible to win, participants must have a Twitter account.
Writing and artwork submissions are to be sent to: aidensangels@yahoo.com.

Contestants may submit entries in all three categories. The contest will run from Sunday, 28 July until Saturday, 3 August 2013. The winning submissions will be announced Saturday 10 August 2013 at cynditefft.com.
In addition, Cyndi will also be featuring a daily photo challenge on Twitter beginning 27 July 2013: "Where in the World is Aiden MacRae?"

Readers will be invited to send a photo of one of the books in the series taken from any and all locales and interesting settings. Ereader pics work as well as physical book pics.

Creativity is what Cyndi will be looking for, and each picture sent to @cynditefft will receive a Kashkey in the amount of 25 cents. There's a limit of one photo per participant, per day (cuz otherwise that could add up like crazy fast).

OK Guys - Get Cracking!!

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