Friday, July 12, 2013

Often Overlooked

Author: Cary Polkovitz
Published: 25 February 2013
Genre: Short Stories
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4.5 dragonflies

Book Description
There is more to the everyday than it seems...

A few years back, as a lark, Cary Polkovitz began to write little stories about the things he came across. He would post them along with photos for his friends to read. Much to his surprise, the response was overwhelming.

It became a daily affair with stories ranging from the absurd to the horrific.

This is a collection of over 70 of his stories.

My Thoughts
Have you ever been out walking and seen something and thought I wonder, what if that seemingly normal object isn't really what we think it is...
Well that's just what Cary Polkovitz has done in his book "Often Overlooked".
He has compiled a collection of everyday photographs taken by himself and others and given each a back story. Some are only a few lines, while others tell a more deep and thought provoking tale.
My favourite has to be "Hello, is anyone there" it really makes you stop and wonder at the possibilities of something as simple as a hole in a wall. You really start to connect with Edward and Kenysha and feel like you are spying on their lives.
Each of these seemingly inanimate objects give food for thought about the possibilities of what lies buried deep within our imaginations.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Cary Polkovitz truly has a beautiful imagination. I would highly recommend it to everybody both young and old.
Just let your imagination go wild !
I  must thank Cary Polkovitz for the free copy of "Often Overlooked".

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