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Jubilee's Journey

Author: Bette Lee Crosby
Published: 12 October 2013
Genre: Contemporary
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Book Description

When tragedy strikes a West Virginia coal mining family, two children start out on a trek that they hope will lead them to a new life. Before a day passes, the children are separated and the boy is caught up in a robbery not of his making. If his sister can find him, she may be able to save him. The problem is she’s only seven years old, and who’s going to believe a kid?

Jubilee’s Journey is Book Two in the Wyattsville Series. This story of discovering lost family and finding love reconnects readers with Ethan Allen and the other heart-warming characters of the bestselling novel SPARE CHANGE.

My Thoughts

When I first started to read Jubilee's Journey, I was instantly taken by the honest and raw emotion that poured from the story as I read it.

This story follows Paul and his little sister Jubilee as they come to learn about life and the ties that bind us together when they are left orphaned following the death of their father in a mine accident.

Not having read 'Spare Change' I was not aware of the story behind Ethan Allen and Grandma Olivia. However, this did not detract from my enjoying Jubilee's Journey in any way. Yes, there was mention of situations that had been explained further in Spare Change however Jubilee's Journey is it's own story and Ms Crosby has given just enough back story so as the reader is not at a complete loss.

Ms Crosby has written a story with strong characters and a plot that is as believable as it is heart warming. I fell in love with the innocence and wonder of Jubilee and was screaming in my head when Paul is accused of a crime while looking for work. Will justice be served, or will Jubilee and Paul's life be irreparably destroyed in the small town.


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