Friday, February 14, 2014

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Some days the best you can do is just keep Breathing

Beth thought her world would never be the same after her husband’s death. Raising children on her own she assumed she would be lucky to survive and never dreamed she would be faced with a blast from her past that would help her learn to breathe again.

Graham spends his days working for the sheriff’s department and running “The Club” he thought he would always be in the shadows as he watched the woman he loved, knowing he could never be in her life.

One chance encounter sets a mad man in action and they must race to find out how best to protect them all.

Breathing is a smoking hot suspense guaranteed to keep the sparks flying while you sit in breathless anticipation.

This book is intended for mature audiences only due to strong sexual content.


Her smile was electric and shot through my whole body. Lush lips…they would look fantastic around my cock, and that was not helping. As she reached out for my hand, I walked right into her and kissed her. I hadn’t kissed her yet, and I needed to know what she tasted like. She was minty and sweet and just a tang of that something spicy that was all her. As I pushed against her and slid my tongue in, I knew I was going to die right here with her hands clutching at the shirt I had picked up off the floor of the bar. I licked at her mouth, tasting her minty honey breath and feeling her body pushed against mine. Fire raced up my arms where my hands gripped her hips and pulled her closer. She would never be close enough. Her tongue darting into my mouth sent the world spinning and my thoughts racing off. What would her tongue feel like on my body. I could feel her body shifting into me, my cock rubbing her lower belly. Heat seeped though her clothes and into my body, thawing something I didn’t know existed. She was tall enough that I didn’t lose her when I wrapped around her. I could feel those tits, no bra, hard as rocks poking into my chest, sending pulses of heat into my body. I wanted to sink into her and feel her heat warm me from the inside.

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About the Author

I have been writing in secret my whole life, it wasn’t until I met my super hero and he dared me to make my secret known that my debut novel Breathing was finally put to paper.  Residing in a suburb of phoenix, I am usually reading two or three books at a time and writing at least one. I am a member of several writing groups and remain active in them by beta reading, providing critiques and reviews as well troubleshooting ideas for burgeoning new authors as well as long time established authors.

However, I am a reader first and foremost, there is nothing I don't love to read.  I the mother of two very active creatures that remind me life can't be taken serious and I am married to a man who has shown me that you should always follow your dreams.  I learned to cook the hard way, through combinations of peanut butter & curry I learned that I love it when I can create something  Visiting tropical islands and mountain resorts, seeing the sun set on a each side of the continent are some of my favorite things.

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