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Title: Bound and Unbroken
Author: Skye Callahan
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Genre: Erotica


Lena is about to discover pleasure in the things she can’t control. To get even with her roommate for dragging her to a sports bar on a Friday night, Lena begins flirting with the handsome stranger who sits at the bar next to her. Their anonymous conversation leads to a shared cab ride, but Lena’s conscience puts a damper on the evening—leaving the near-fling to become a memory. Until she finds him roaming the halls of the school where she teaches. Will she submit to his desires? Eric’s only reason for returning to his hometown is to care for his recently orphaned nephew. He knew the return would involve dredging up his past with family and friends, but he didn’t expect a lone girl to capture his interest and offer an escape within his new life. Will his binds be enough to keep her? 

Note: This book contains explicit sexual content (including BDSM themes), graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: M/f anal play, bondage, spanking, exhibitionism.


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Her muscles seized under his hot grasp. “Let me go,” she whispered through gritted teeth. “Let yourself go.” She met his gaze expecting anger to swirl around his eyes as well, but his face was relaxed—a stark contrast to the tight grip he had on her wrist. “What do you want?” As soon as she stopped trying to pull away, he loosened her grip. He turned his hand over so that it rested palm up on the table. “A nice evening out with you.” “And after that?” “I like you, Lena. And, I suspect there’s far more to you than you’re willing to accept.” She folded her arms across her chest, making sure he wouldn’t have the opportunity to grab her again. “I’m sure you say that to all the girls you pick up at sports bars.” His eyes widened, but he still didn’t move his hand from where it stretched across the table toward her in an invitation. “Now that you mention it, I do.” Lena’s jaw dropped. It wasn’t that she expected him to deny it, but an outright admission was even more disturbing. “You’re the first,” he clarified. “I don’t buy that.” Eric shrugged, “Believe it or not, I don’t usually pick up girls at bars.” “Then where do you usually pick them up?” Eric’s smile widened, and he rubbed his lips together. “Most of the girls I’ve dated I either met through mutual friends or at BDSM clubs.” Lena’s breath echoed in her ears, and she wondered if she heard him wrong. The roar drowned out any thought to move or respond. “I didn’t expect it to freak you out that much.”

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About the Author:

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Skye Callahan has been coming up with stories for as long as she can remember, and by elementary school she was writing them down to share with friends and teachers. Ghosts and vampires were always her favorite beings to write about and those interests led to her debut novella Fractured Legacy in 2013. With Bound and Unbroken, her characters led her on a departure from the paranormal world and into the realm of BDSM romance. When she isn’t spending time with the voices in her head, she works to help other women design their own style of freedom as a consultant for Jamberry Nails, and spends time with her Husband and ferrets.

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Meet Skye Callahan:

Where are you from originally?
Ohio. All Ohio, all the time.

Tell us your latest news?
I just published my first BDSM Romance, Bound and Unbroken and I’m going back to my writing cave to work on another paranormal novel. 

If you could have a dinner party with any authors from any time in history, who would you choose and why?
Deborah Harkness because she’s also a historian and we could spend the evening talking shop. 

What books or authors have influenced your writing?
I grew up reading R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Saga and a lot of Christopher Pike, they were my first big influences. More recently, I’ve been influenced by Deborah Harkness, Chloe Neill, Kat Richardson…. I could probably just keep naming people. 

Tell us a little about your background. When did you start writing?
Long before I can actually remember, I’ve just always loved coming up with stories and writing them down.

Where do you get your ideas?
From the voices in my head. Crazy as it sounds, I don’t really have another explanation. Characters appear and tell me their stories. I don’t plot them out before I start writing, because usually I have no idea what’s going to happen.

Can you tell us a little bit about Bound and Unbroken?It’s a BDSM romance about a young teacher named Lena who has closed herself off to avoid dealing with her problems until she meets Eric in a local bar and he convinces her to step into his world of BDSM.

How long did it take you to complete?Two months for the first 2 drafts, then a month of editing and rewrites, and then a few weeks for proofreading and formatting.

Are any of your characters based on real-life friends or acquaintances?
I think all characters and situations are in some ways based on an author’s life, people they know, or encounter—just greatly exaggerated and put in a different context.

Do you ever incorporate yourself into your characters?
There are a lot of aspects of Lena that I relate to, especially in dealing with her pat trauma, and the reluctance to talk about it. Eric has to push her pretty hard to get her to deal with it, and that’s very much based on my experience—although, as I said, in a different context.

Tell us about your cover. Did you design it yourself, and where did you get your inspiration from?
I don’t know that there’s really much to tell. I found the image on a stock image site and thought she characterized Lena pretty well, so I spent a month playing and tweaking until I got the cover right. It didn’t all fall into place until I came up with the series name “Out of Bounds,” and decided to name the club Bound and play up that word.

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Excerpt 2:

This was the last place Lena wanted to be on a Friday night. The smell of beer stung her nose, while some sports game blared on the screen over the bar. At least the bar wasn’t completely packed, Diggers was one of those edge-of-the-town sports bars that usually only drew in a few loyal locals. All of whom were paying more attention to the game than the lone young woman sitting at the bar with a black cherry mojito.

And as far as Lena was concerned that was fine. She wouldn’t have come in the first place if her roommate, Jeremiah, hadn’t insisted that she needed to get out of the house and have some fun. And now he was off at the other end of the room striking it up with some old friend. 

Swirling her drink around, she wished she had dug in her heels and refused to leave the house. To which, Jeremiah would have probably responded by swinging her over his shoulder and throwing her onto his bike. 

He wanted her to let go and move on, and that was fine, but Lena in a sports bar wasn’t moving anywhere. Crowds, noise, and the smell of booze didn’t spell a good time; it just forced her further into her own head. 

“Tall Smithwicks,” said a male voice.

She looked up to see a tall, dark-haired man taking the bar stool next to her. He glanced in her direction once, but turned his attention to the beer as soon as the bartender slid it across the wooden bar. The bartender nodded, then moved back to the other side of the bar where a couple of college students were getting rowdy over empty shot glasses. 

She tried not to stare at the new guy sitting just inches away, but he was invading the small bit of territory she’d laid claim to. Although, it could have been worse. At least he wasn’t a member of the loud and rowdy college crowd. 

You’re such an old lady, she told herself. Always more interested in curling up on the couch to watch old movies or read than join in with people her age. 

But she still couldn’t manage to keep her eyes to herself, and to give him his well-deserved credit, he was handsome. He wore a black T-shirt with faded sports cars splashed across the front, and dark jeans. Both just tight enough to leave no doubt that there was a well-built man underneath the layers of material. As he downed half of his drink in a few gulps, Lena wondered how anyone could be that fond of beer. She always thought it tasted like mildewed wood, but as she watched him, she felt strangely tempted to give it another shot.

He glanced in her direction again, and she turned her gaze to the sports game, hoping that he hadn’t noticed her watching him. But there was no passing off the excess of blood warming her face as casual.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him turn slightly on his stool to face her. Busted.

“You always hang out at the bar alone?”

She kept her eyes on the TV. “That all you got for an opening line?”

“I'm rusty.” He took another long swig of beer, but his eyes remained trained on her.

“Rusty, eh? Nice name.” 

He chuckled, sliding the empty glass to the back of the bar. “Unless you want to know my real name.” 

Lena pursed her lips to keep back a smile. “Let's stick with Rusty, for now.” 

Straightening her back, she met his gaze—she could play this game. 


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20 Fun Facts about Skye Callahan:


I love sexy cars more than I love rum. My top picks would be a ’65 Mustang, practically any Bugatti Veyron, or an Aston Martin Vanquish.

I once based a character in a story on my husband, and the character died. Don’t bother trying to figure it out, I never released that book.

I’ve never met some of my closest friends in person–some of them live on the other side of the world.

I never meant for anyone at work to know that I’m a writer, but now they buy my books, so it’s a good deal.

I’m not terribly good at being girly–I don’t wear makeup, only own 4 pairs of shoes, but I sell nail wraps.

I learned to handle a gun before I learned long division.

I cuss like a sailor unless I’m around my grandma.

While most of the people in my graduate research classes were buried in books, I was glued to the TV researching the evolving portrayal of “Indianness”.

I’ve seen Disturbed in concert 3 times.

I still have a crush on Jason David Frank (aka Tommy Oliver the Green/White Ranger).

My husband and I have worked together at 4 separate businesses—once upon a time, I was his boss.

If I’m not watching Top Gear, I’m probably watching something that was filmed before I was born. 

I have a phobia of crickets, but spiders and snakes don’t bother me at all (actually, I LOVE snakes).

I have worked on 2 documentaries, including one that appeared on PBS.

I started writing fiction again in grad school to cope with PTSD. 

My 7th grade teacher read my stories and assured me that one day I’d be a published author. 

Winter is my favorite season because I can channel my inner penguin—oh, and have some fun driving on slick roads!

When I was in elementary school, R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Saga inspired me to start writing. 

My favorite place to chill out and think is the cemetery. 

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