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Memories with Maya

Title: Memories with Maya
Author: Clyde Dsouza
Genre/Age Range: Science Fiction, 17+
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: February 27, 2013

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A story of one man's determination to HACK his destiny, even if it meant challenging Divine Providence...

The story looks at how augmentation technology will affect emotions, intimate human relationships, and our very evolution as a species.

"EMOTIONS ARE LIKE A VIRUS, a common cold...disrupting the flow of logic in the mind." Daniel reminds himself.

Dan's work involves creating commercially viable AR solutions. The recession and an explosion of data-cops is drying out his streams of income.

He turns to close friend, Krish, a researcher in Artificial Intelligence, in the hope that they can come up with ideas for the Entertainment market. His girlfriend, Maya, and her family return to their homeland after her father passes away.

Dan and Maya continue their relationship via Dirrogates (Digital Surrogates), experiencing human touch through haptics. Krish gets a job at the prestigious A.I.R.I. Using AIRI's lab, Krish and Dan, create an advanced visor with Augmented Intelligence built in.

They dub it "Wizer."

A Board member at AIRI sees potential in the Wizer other than what Dan and Krish have in mind.

At a test in a nightclub, things go wrong...

Can the Wizer "insure memories" and be a catalyst to accelerate the journey toward eventual Singularity?

The (subtle) underlying philosophy in the story is about preparing the common man for our eventual Technological Singularity. If the goals of Transhumanism are to be embraced, they need to be explained to everyday people, in everyday language and using everyday settings. Only then can a road-map for Transhumanism be built.

Memories with Maya also poses the question: Can we transcend the Human Lifecycle?

The plausible science in the story details how AR & AI will merge to create Digital Surrogates in our own likeness - our DIRROGATES. 

About the Author:

Clyde DeSouza is a Creative Technology Evangelist. He explores tech advances in Augmented Reality, Real-time Game engines and Stereoscopic 3D and their influence on human perception. His non fiction book: "Think in 3D" has been seen on a growing number of film-sets and is used as prep reading by Directors and Cinematographers.

His second book: "Memories With Maya" is a fiction novel in the hard science/metaphysical genre. The story looks at the impact Augmented Intelligence will have on intimate human personal relationships and our very evolution as a species.

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In memories with Maya we are plunged head on into a world of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. Even if you are not a SciFi fan, Memories of Maya will have you turning the pages as we are drawn into the life of Dan, Krish and Maya. 

With a little bit of drama and intrigue, you are able to loose yourself in the developing relationship between Maya and Dan, until tragedy strikes. What extraordinary lengths will somebody go through to preserve the memories of the person they love. It is possible with the evolution of the Dirrogates, we could all never have to find out.

I give this book 4 dragonflies.

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