Monday, April 21, 2014

Review - Cured Meat

Author: Polly Trope
Published: 1 November 2013
Genre: Memoir
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

The Memoirs of a Psychiatric Runaway, Cured Meat is a novel-by-stories written on the daring road to happiness that visits insane asylums, hard drugs and hotel sex.

When I was first contacted by Polly Trope (a pseudonym) she presented her book thus:

it's called "Cured Meat" and it's about crisis and mental illness, drugs, and sex work (cheerful, I know) -- a quite colourful memoir of survival in madness and disaster , and the low-life of rockers, dreamers and comedians (all v urban). 
it's a mixture of narrative and poetic/dream-like more poetic interludes. A bit emo, come to think of it.

From the very first page the senses are bombarded with imagery and emotion. The reader is drawn into the darkest recesses of a mind that is as fragile as it is strong as we do a tango with mental institutions, drug addiction and prostitution.

Peppered throughout the stories are the actual journal entries of a beautiful mind, but tortured soul, sometimes written at a time of lucidity, others when the demons within are tearing the soul apart. 

We get an emotional look at a now archaic mental health system, before a lot was known about the illness and the only answers involved hospitalisation, ELT and drugs that left the taker as an unfeeling, unthinking, comatose shell of a human being.

We are given an uncensored view of the decline into hell that is heroin addiction, and the fight to regain ones self worth. 

I was totally engulfed by this book. 

At times I needed to distant myself from it to process the emotion and feelings. Each time however I was drawn back into it to continue the dance. 

I thank Polly Trope for contacting me and requesting this review. I look forward to getting to know her better.

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