Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review - Creator of Shadows

Author: Miranda Stork
Published: 23 May 2014
Genre: Fantasy/Dystopian
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 4.5 dragonflies

When Lorenna is kidnapped by Feoran, the head of the vampyric Clan, it’s a dent in the Resistance. While she was expecting his twisted advances to her, she didn’t expect to feel something for him in return. 

But that’s the least of her problems. 

The city is more in ruins than ever, the Cuans being cut off one by one to prevent the rebellious humans taking over any part of New London. And after the discovery made at the Factory, armies of clones now walk the streets, ready to kill and trained viciously by their vampire masters. 

The rebels must band together in full force, both to rescue their beloved witch from Feoran’s clutches, and to give the final push against the Clan. But a traitor in the heart of their inner circle is plotting with a vampire who wants more than they have, threatening to bring everything they have worked for tumbling down around them. 

Can Lorenna gain her freedom to help her friends, and can they finally cut the head off the serpent that is the Clan? Or will humanity forever remain in its iron grip?

Creator of Shadows is the third book in the Scarlet Rain Series. 

I have not had the opportunity to read the first two books in the series, and while I did not feel this was too much of a disadvantage as this book seemed to work quite well as a stand alone, I think that readers would enjoy the book more if they have read them.

We follow the story of the Rebellion in their fight against the Clan, a group of rogue vampires who have taken over. There is plenty of action as well as a few lighter and more romantic episodes. 

The combination of human, paranormal and mythical creatures spread through out this story is amazing. There is a mix of good versus evil and evil versus evil so will appeal to a wide audience.  

I did have a little bit of trouble in the first half of the story and felt the story was a bit slow, however the pace picked up again towards the final quarter of the book and by then I couldn't put it down.

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