Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review - Klipspringer Hill

Author: Camac Johnson
Published: 3 March 2014
Genre: Children's Fiction
Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Klipspringer Hill is an exciting tale about a small creature on an epic journey in search of a lost loved one. The setting is the vast Kalahari region of Southern Africa, and the main character is a small snake. There are black and white illustrations. His dad is missing . . . Little Squirt is determined to find him. The young egg-eater snake must cross the wild Kalahari to reach the Chicken Farm. Danger lurks everywhere. Along the way he forges new friendships and avoids foes. But there's no avoiding Rooster at the farm. Injured in the big bully's sneak attack, Little Squirt is captured by humans. Pain turns to joy when he is reunited with his dad, Bold Hunter. The young snake dreams of escape and taking revenge on Rooster. But his dad has become fat and lazy in captivity. If they are ever to see friends and loved ones again on Klipspringer Hill, it's Little Squirt who must take command. Everyone loved The Lion King and Finding Nemo. Their colourful worlds and unforgettable characters enthralled millions. Turn the pages of Klipspringer Hill and feel the sun's heat, hear the lion's roar, smell the smoke of burning African savannah. Aardvark, ostrich, blue-headed lizard, springhare, lynx, honey guide and vulture, are characters that will stay long in the memory.

What an amazing story !

Camac Johnson has taken the simple story of a child on a mission to find his father and woven it into an enchanting tale of adventure and survival. 

Set in the Kalahari region of Southern Africa, we are introduced to a myriad of animals when Little Squirt, a juvenile egg-eater snake goes on an amazing adventure to find his father Bold Hunter who had set off on a journey to the Chicken Farm.

From the kind Aardvark and blue-headed lizard to the vulture, cobra and the dreaded head of the Chicken Farm, Rooster, Little Squirt fights the odds on his journey to at least find out what happened to his father. 

Then just when you think the worst, there is a further twist in the tale.

This is an amazing and beautiful story that is written with such vivid imagery that you will find yourself drawn into the sights, sounds and smells along with Little Squirt as he faces danger at almost every turn.

I highly recommend this book and think that anybody who reads it will be drawn into it as much as I was.

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