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Kingdom of Celosia - Blog Tour

Kingdom of Celosia Blog Tour

Crystal St. Clair



My first novel is a first of its series, a fantasy erotica romance, called Kingdom of Celosia : Hearts On Fire Amongst Cold Shadows.

Princess Faith faces a life of duty to the Kingdom of Celosia, but she dreams of freedom. She is daily reminded of the burden she will one day carry as she is educated to become a Queen...

The greatest of these reminders is a pendant given to her by her mother which is imbued with magical properties. Matters of the heart also hinder Faith from accepting her role. She is engaged to Prince Merek, but has no feelings for him. She secretly longs for true love, despite the fact that her rank keeps her from loving the man she desires most, the stable-hand Justus. Feeling trapped by the arrangement, there is little she wouldn't consider doing to stop the wedding, but it seems her fate is sealed.

On the borders of their land is the Dark Forest, a home for many creatures with elemental powers of untold might. In that realm, the Troll King plots to kill her father and the wolves in his court are on the hunt for her, believing she is easy prey. But Faith is much stronger than they suspect, and against all odds, she sets out to protect those she loves. Armed with her bow, riding on the back of her trusted mount, Ruby, she must confront the forces of evil that threaten to take everything from her and conquer them in the name of Celosia.

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Crystal St. Clair is a busy mother who lives in the multicultural country of Canada not in an igloo, but wishes she had a pet beaver who likes syrup and pancakes. She can usually be found playing soccer with her kids while their dog steals the spot light, making others laugh, writing poetry and other stories go to her loved ones or someone in need of a smile. She is a proud sponsor member of Plan Canada - I Am A Girl foundation and volunteers for Canine Connect A Care Rescue. She is a Law Clerk graduate but hopes to become a full time author writing novels for adults and the young generations. Crystal St. Clair played Momma Bear in a Middle School production of The Bernstein Bears and wrote her first story that started her publishing interest.

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