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Lessons in Love - Blog Tour

Lessons in Love series
Author: Clarissa Carlyle
Publication Date: Mar 19, 2014
Pages: 510
Genre: New Adult / Coming of Age

Lessons in Love (book 1)

Lessons in Love follows the story of high school cheerleader Alex Heron. She's pretty, blonde and popular.Alex seems to have it all, but she's hiding a dark secret from her past that threatens to destroy her future. Only the handsome new math teacher, Mark Simmons, can see past Alex's fa├žade to the real girl hiding inside. He wants to help Alex overcome her past, but will their developing feelings for each other get in the way?

Letters of Love (book 2)

Alex Heron has graduated high school and been accepted to Princeton! But will college be the fulfillment of a dream like she always hoped it would be?

Leaving her first love behind, Alex travels far away from her hometown with a heavy heart. Can love blossom as she makes new friends, joins a sorority and attends a wealth of college parties?

Princeton will test Alex in many ways. There will be hearts torn apart and flames burning anew, and always there will be the letters from home, the letters of love, to help guide her back from the brink.

Living with Love (book 3)

Alex Heron has graduated from Princeton, and now it’s time for her to make her mark in the big wide world. With an exciting job opportunity in New York City, everything seems to be going well, but with the two great loves of her life, Oscar and Mark, still looming in the background it’s going to be far from smooth sailing.

Will Alex finally get the happy ending she so desperately deserves? Only time will tell as she navigates both the city and life back in Woodsdale in her ongoing search for her true self and true happiness.

Lessons in Love Boxed Set  
(Includes all 3 books in the Lessons in Love series, specially priced!)


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I have been an avid reader and writer since my earliest school days. Reading was my first and earliest passion that I can remember, often seeking the safe sanctuary of my room or the library to read everything I could. My favorite has always been romance. I penned some romantic poetry in high school and was winning school awards for my short stories at 16. In college I would hibernate in the library for days at a time, consuming every short story and novel I could find. My diploma says Bachelors in English Lit., which I'm very proud of.

I probably drink too much coffee and eat too much junk food, but to compensate do like running outdoors when the weather is nice. I love shopping in the mall even if I never find what I'm looking for. I'm a hopeful romantic who prefers stories with a happy ending. You can often find me in a coffee shop either working on my next story, or with my nose in a book.

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Lessons in Love Boxed Set (Includes all 3 books in the Lessons in Love series, specially priced!)

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