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Jonah by Vince Lance - Interview and Giveaway


Category: Supernatural, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction 
Release Date: January 2015 
Tour: Jan/Feb, 2015 
Available In: ebook, 280 Pages 

"Jonah" is a work of literary fiction, a period piece written in accented vernacular.  The story is staged in small town Louisiana in the 1930's during the great depression. An elderly black hobo "Jonah" shows up begging at the door of two ladies humble shotgun shack.  Though they are poor, they feed him.  So he returns the kindness doing a couple of odd jobs to repay them.  They take a somewhat mystical trusting, and immediate liking to Jonah and offer him a job. Throughout their time together many amazingly good outcomes happen for the ladies and their families as they are touched by turmoil after turmoil.  The story unfolds a murder and cover up involving a prominent Judge who turns out to be responsible for the hit and run death of one of the ladies husbands. There is tragedy and death involved, but in the end, the human spirit is triumphant when they realize, only after Jonah has left their midst, that he had been an angel sent to help them through some otherwise horrible times.


The sad day came for Mother’s funeral to be held.

Looking back, that was the darkest time of my sheltered life.  Those couple of short days following Mom’s death, leading up to her funeral seemed to me like an eternity.  I missed her so.  More so during that time than I had ever missed her before.  And even though I was only on my way to see her one last time to say good bye, I felt as though, in some sort of way, that we were being reunited; even if it was but for that fleeting hour or so of her wake before the lid was placed on her coffin separating us forever.   I was happy to be seeing her.
Shrouded in the murky haze of my grief, I witnessed the entire final process separated from it all, I don’t know, there, though not really.  My throat had tightened up, and I had no more tears to cry…though since that day I’ve cried oceans. 
As Mother lay there in her final repose, she was beautiful.  I knew well that she had gone to a better place than she had left behind, and found comfort in that she had completed that journey.  Yet at the same instance, I felt scared inside knowing that the next time I saw her, I myself would have crossed over. 
I held my little brother close as we lived through the unthinkable horror of parting with mother for the last time.  It all felt as though I was watching the whole thing happen to someone else.  I saw the faces of those who had come to pay their final respects, crying their tears in the shadows of the funeral parlor; wondering to each other what would come of me and the baby.  I felt them all looking upon our agony in tearful sympathetic sorrow, yet helpless to offer any remedy.
Afterward, many of the town folk, including some of the wealthy came by with gifts and food, as Mother had been very active in the church community, and had been very well liked.  As the cars and wagons pulled up in front of the house after the funeral, the unexpected event was very heart wrenching but much appreciated. 
When everyone had gone, I profoundly realized how final death is for those of us left behind.  I still couldn’t believe it.  But still, no matter how badly I wanted it, I knew I’d never get that one last hug.  I knew I’d never get one last chance to say I love you.
I knew I’d never be able to say or do even a single one of the many things I felt I should have said or done, and didn’t.
But, like life itself, unstoppable, time moves on and we began settling into the routine of our daily lives; trying to fill the hole left in our hearts. 
After taking about a week off, I started going back to school.  Mandy and Chris were God sent.  They watched after Joe while they toiled daily, and in our own way we had formed a new, different type of family. 

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My Thoughts:

What a beautifully written piece of work!

The imagery and depth portrayed in this book is amazing. Now that's not saying that every little thing is described in details. No, what I'm saying is that with just a few words, the reader is drawn into time and place and can see vividly in their minds eye exactly who the characters are, and can watch the story unfold for themselves.

Who or better still What is Jonah? 

In my humble opinion he is a guardian angel. Sent when needed and then, like in the children's movie Nanny McPhee, he leaves once he is wanted but is no longer needed. 

The characters in this book, are amazing. In my imagination, the Judge is reminiscent of , resplendent in his white suit. The individual character stories, are molded together seamlessly and flow beautifully.

I am a firm believer that everything and everyone we meet is in our lives for a reason. This book, is in a similar vein, and while there is good and bad, and the outcome following the hit and run death is as the law would see it played out. The truth wins out in the end and the good and evil is balanced once again.

Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

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About Vince Lane:

Vince Lane

Vince Lane has been writing most of his life, he first began seriously writing literary material around 1980.  At the time he was a musician, singer/songwriter, poet, and professional entertainer living and working in Los Angeles, California.  As a writer he has always maintained an unabashed style, paying little if any attention to convention. Unlike many writers, he has never settled down into any particular genre having written sci-fi, horror, supernatural, literary, mystery, action adventure, justice, and experimental fiction in iambic pentameter. "I have enjoyed writing what I like, what I want, the way I want, and I stay true to that artistic freedom to this day."-Vince Lane 

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  1. Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm glad you enjoyed 'Jonah' so much!

  2. "I am a firm believer that everything and everyone we meet is in our lives for a reason." I am a firm believer of this too. And we are put here for a reason. When this reason is fulfilled we die.
    Good review.

    1. Thanks for your comments Denise. I'm glad you liked my review.