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Blood & Magic - Blog Tour

Title: Blood & Magic
Author: Linda M. Crate
Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural/Paranormal
Length: 500 pages
Release Date: March 20, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1508572961

SYNOPSIS: A monster slayer is in for the adventure of her life. Does she decide to follow her heart of does she kill the monster she loves to stay in favor with the counsel she serves? Not to mention all these broken memories are confusing - are they things that really happened or is it all just in her head? Lucille Roddingale is in pursuit of the truth and she's not going to like everything that she finds in her journey.


Linda M. Crate is a Pennsylvanian native born in Pittsburgh yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville. She currently resides in Meadville. Her poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. Recently her two chapbooks A Mermaid Crashing Into Dawn (Fowlpox Press - June 2013) and Less Than A Man (The Camel Saloon - January 2014) were published.

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An Interview With Florian and Lucille

Linda M. Crate

Me: Hello, you two.

Florian: It's too early to be up.

Lucille: Hello!

Me: So people want to know more about you. So I'll ask you guys a few questions, okay?

Florian: Okay...

Lucille: Sure.

Me: So what made you stay together?

Florian: We were each other's first. There's just something about that, that helped us have a connection.

Lucille: I never stopped loving him. Not once.

Florian: Not to mention a madman helped alter our minds and pit us against one another. It was just a trying experience for us both, and not something that everyone shares. That helped keep us together, too. We were both used.

Me: Well, not everyone that shares their first time with someone stays with their partner. What made her so special to you?

Florian: That's stupid. But I'll indulge you. She was my mystery girl. She got me even from the start. She has an incredible sense of humor, she's beautiful, and she loves me for me. She doesn't objectify me like my rabid fangirls. *laughs* Although, I never said that. A man has to eat, after all...

Lucille: *face palms*

Me: So what made you stay with him, Lucille?

Lucille: Well, like Florian said earlier...we had someone messing with our minds. To know that this man would work so thoroughly to destroy us made us both a little more stubborn against the idea of being apart. We really get each other, and I know no one will understand it but I always knew he was my one.

Florian: And I always knew she was my one.

Me: How did you know?

Lucille: It's not something you can explain, it's something that you feel.

Florian: It's magic.

Me: Do I detect a note of sarcasm, Florian?

Florian: Maybe.

Me: Okay, those were some rather deep questions. I can tell that you were both a little uncomfortable so how about an easier question that won't embarrass you and won't expose all your mystery and intrigue because I know that's important to you both? Especially you, Florian.

Florian: So what was the question?

Me: I was explaining myself, smart ass. Okay, favorite colors?

Florian: Green.

Lucille: Blue.

Florian: Why blue?

Lucille: I've always liked blue. Plus it was the color of the shirt you were wearing.

Florian: You remember that?

Lucille: Yes. I have a very good memory, for the most part. Why green?

Florian: Because I've always found it an attractive color. Even more so since it's the color of your eyes when you're happy, my love.

Me: Okay, way to make me feel like a third wheel.

Florian: You technically are.

Me: Moving on. What would you do over again if you had the chance?

Florian: I wouldn't have hurt Lucy.

Lucille: I would have left the counsel and stayed with Florian.

Me: I know being apart for so long was hard on you both. But it seems to have brought you closer together now. You both seem very strong despite your painful pasts. What would you say was the happiest moment of your life?

Florian: That's too personal, muse lady.

Lucille: When I was reunited with Ian.

Florian: You don't have to answer her questions if you don't want to.

Lucille: It was a harmless question.

Florian: She's being nosy.

Lucille: She's just asking things people might want to know about us.

Florian: Isn't there a book about us? They should just read that. It will tell them everything they need to know. Probably more than they need to know.

Lucille: Stop being impossible.

Florian: Do I have to?

Lucille: No. *giggles*

Florian: *nuzzles Lucille*

Me: Okay, before I lose you completely and you indulge yourselves in one another as you are apt to do, would you allow me a few more questions?

Florian: Make it quick, Linders.

Me: They know me as Linda not Linders.

Florian: Well, I don't care what they know you as. I will call you Linders.

Me: Lucy, can't you get Ian to behave?

Lucille: *giggles* He never behaves.

Me: You two are hopeless, absolutely hopeless. *facepalm*

Lucille: No, we have plenty of hopes and dreams. Do not fret, Linders.

Me: Linda!

Lucille: Linders! Linders! Linders!

Me: Fine, Linders. Anyway, what are some of these hopes and dreams of yours?

Lucille: That Atriel should remain free—.

Florian: That people stop dragging us into wars. That will eventually stop right, Linders?

Me: No comment.

Florian: ...

Lucille: It's okay, love. No matter what happens you'll always have me.

Florian: I'd better or Linders here will regret it.

Me: I didn't say you'd lose her. Will you please calm down, Florian?

Florian: I am calm. You'd know if I weren't calm.

Me: I suppose this concludes this interview since you're hell bent on being impossible. So go ahead, you cheeky blighters.

Florian: About time. I thought it'd never end.

Lucille: *laughs* Be nice, Ian.

Florian: Do I have to?

Me: It's generally looked well upon. Especially if you wish to have an appearance in upcoming novels.

Florian: Look who's being cheeky now?! We're leaving now.

Lucille:  I fare thee well, Linders. Do behave yourself. Florian won't appreciate it if you don't.

Me: Well, I tried. I hope that's enough to satisfy your curious minds for now. Those two seem to have no time for anyone but each other. 

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