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Title: Heavensgate: Hope (Book One)
Author: Leo Kane
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Length: 231 pages
Release Date: May 1st, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1508429906

SYNOPSIS: When Jacob is a child a mysterious girl comforts him at the funeral of the family he accidentally killed.

Years later and grieving for his lost wife and son, Jacob is at Heavensgate. He strongly believes that the dead should stay dead but he sees things other people don’t see.

Even worse Jacob is besieged by his alter ego the taunting, foul mouthed, sex crazed and dangerous Jake, a personality with a twisted sense of fun and no conscience.

Jacob battles for his sanity and soul surrounded by supernatural enemies and allies as he struggles to free the Keeper of the Forbidden Book and ignore the menacing pink Cadillac that drives by his lakeside lodge every night.

Wherever Jacob goes people die and the cops are moving in when a terrifying and seductive presence arrives on the frozen lake.

Now Jacob will discover that even hope has a dark side.


Born and raised in the Steel City of Sheffield, England Leo has spent a lot of her life day dreaming and can’t seem to outgrow the habit. Despite this she managed to raise a family of three wonderful girls, a tolerant husband and, recently, a crazy husky, somehow acquiring a career and a Master of Science degree along the way.

Leo is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist with a fascination for the human condition. When not sending people into a trance or bringing her daydreams to life on the page Leo mainly spends her time happily staring out of windows and using her husband as a guinea pig for experimental cookery which he places in the horror genre.

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Book 1

What is your name?
That depends on which one of us you are talking to, my name is Jacob Andersen.  However, the Doc believes that I have multiple personalities.

Doc got his degree free from a packet of Wheaty Flakes!

Don’t listen to him, that’s Jake and he’s insane.

Are you a fictional or historical character?
I, Jacob, am real of course, but Jake is fictional.

You will discover how fkg real I am jerk-off when you wake up screaming.

What should we know about you?
I am twice widowed; a bereaved father; and I am just trying to stay sane; survive and escape the ghosts that haunt me.

Shut the fck up Jacob for shit’s sake! No fkr cares about you! 

Ignore that waste of skin; this book is about me, Jacob’s supposedly psychotic, sex crazed alter ego; the doer of his dirty deeds; his fall guy.  

Jacob is the insignificant, yellow streak of chicken shit.  He is presently, but not for much fkg longer, occupying the front seat of our mind.  .

When and where is your tale set?
This part of our story ends in 2015 but I will never give up.  

Where am I?  I am in Heavensgate; a place you need a fkg bad miracle to find and a living hell that you can never leave.  

We live at Heavensgate, in the Lodge located by beautiful Lake Disregard and the Alolejos Mountains, quite close to a pretty town, St Johns, USA. 

Or in the fkg Psychiatric Unit when the pussy needs a break from me.

What is your personal goal?  What do you ultimately want?
I want my wife and son to come home and the cops to get off my back:  I also very much want the ghosts and Jake to leave me alone and I am desperate for the pink Cadillac to stop its drive-by hauntings.

I want to get out of this fkg hell hole!  

I want to torture that bitch, Hope, who took our fkg heart; who stood by and watched us being fkg abused; raped; accused of crimes we did not commit!  I want Jacob to remember what he fkg did to me, what he did to the kid, Jacky and to anyone else sulking around in this shit hole that Jacob calls his sanity.

Ultimately I want total control of this mind, this body and this soul because they fkg belong to me!

What is standing in your way?  
Jake, because he is trying to steal my mind and open the Forbidden Book.

Jacob is in my way!  He barbequed our family; he gave our fkg heart away to that bitch, Hope; he hid our memories in the Locked Room.  He set the Judge on us and the bastard tried to kill me!

With acknowledgments to Sahara Foley for the question format.

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