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Attack of the Warrior Queen - Book Tour

Dee Krull is a retired clinical hypnotherapist. She has a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, specializing in Medical Hypnosis for which she spent twenty-five years in private practice in Southern California. She and her late husband chad retired in Tucson, Arizona in 2005 where she explored art, music acting, and writing. She has three children in Southern California, one who sdoped her in Sparks, Nevada  and seven grandchildren.

“The Saga of a World Called Htrae” was insired by her late husband’s love of science fiction and her own inquisitive nature of “what ifs.” It is a combination of science fiction, fantasy and her own knowledge of hypnosis.

Dee Wrote the first book in Arizona. When she decided to place the beginning of her story in Arcata, California it rekindled her love of the Northwest where she now lives with her boyfriend, Bob, and their family of pets; where she is busy writing her next book in the series.

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"The fourth book in the series finds Laurel and Learden waging a deadly war with the aliens called priests.They are now using the portals to bring in another alien they call the 'tall ones' who communicate through their thoughts.

To make matters worse she finds that her mother's sister, once thought to be dead, is alive and well and is a master of dark magick. she would have Laurel as her slave and her army at her command if she could gain the upper hand.

In order to keep her from doing just that Laurel and Learden must separate so the 'dark witch' cannot use Learden to gain access to Laurel and her Guard. Apart they are devastated and must move on their own to combat the aliens.

Learden connects with his past and fights the aliens the only way he knows how, with his old crew and a few new ones as well.

Laurel and, Banrion, the giant white griffin, fight together from the sky while Learden fights on land and finds other ways to communicate with her. But when the aliens gain the upper hand Laurel is captured by a new faction of Elves and eventually finds new allies through them. They also help her search for Learden.

Meanwhile Learden is captured and escapes only to discover there is another danger to the planet and it's daoine, one that has been there before and they are more fearsome and evil than even the aliens who are preparing to bring them through the portals."

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Character Casting

Book 4 Characters: “Attack of the Warrior Queen” The Saga of a World Called Htrae

The common dress of the planet Htrae is 17th century Renassance. The dress of the Guard is black with red trim and Laurels is trimmed in gold. Weapons are long knives and swords and cross bows. they were wide brimmed hats that are black and some wear a long feather in the band. Black boots to the knee.

Laurel - the Hybrid Queen of a world called Htrae - small  at 5’ 1” but powerful, even though she is from a small planet called Earth; parallel to Htrae. She has natural curly black hair that was long but grows like a weed on Htrae, very green eyes and domanant vampire. When she is taken to Htrae she is 50 but as the world changes her she becomes younger  and more sure of herself, but it takes awhile. She fights against an army of aliens who are bent on enslaving and destroying the whole of Htrae and taking with it an unsuspecting Earth. Book four brings more challenges with her love, her subjects and her life.

Learden - Laurel’s consort and mate – 6’ 3”, dark shoulder length hair and a shadow beard. He is also domanant vampire and has grown in power with his queen, constantly fearing she will find herself in danger without him. Book four will find Learden fighting for his life and trying to hold on to his memory and love for Laurel as they are forced apart. He has his own challenges just trying to keep Laurel safe by staying away from her. He becomes a fierce warrior as he fights the aliens on his own with sabotage and cunning, making it hard for them to find the army.

Kronus - a Hybrid warrior in league with the ‘Dark Witch’ – he is 6’ 2” with short dark hair and is one of Laurel’s past ‘lovers’ for energy who has shared his dark past and his reason to work for the aliens. Little does she know that her battles with the dark side of witchcraft will bring her and Kronos together, igniting a strange bond between them that separates her from Learden’s love.

Mother - the oldest Witch on Htrae and confidant to Laurel – She is tall and stately and even though she is thousands of years old she appears to be in her 30s with very long dark hair and brown eyes. She continues to teach Laurel the powers of the Witch and helps to shield her from the ‘dark witch,’ knowing that the day will come when she must face her as she did once before. This time she may not be as powerful and worries that it will fall to Laurel to defeat and send her back to the underworld. She helps Laurel to create her own “Book of Shadows” and calls the Goddess to help her with the spells she must use to keep Laurel safe.

Kala - the ‘dark witch’ and sister to Laurel’s mother, Lorena - as her twin Kala looks like Lorena in all ways except her hair color; going to the dark side if witchcraft has turned her hair white and her eyes are like the vampire as she has been turned. Her fear of Laurel and her abilities has twisted her powers, making her want to become more powerful than any Witch.

Irena – Laurels mother who is 5’ 8” with dark hair like Laurel and green eyes. She looks a lot like Laruel but since she is witch she looks like she is a little older than Laurel. She was a seed so at the age of 40 she was taken from Earth and brought to Hatrae, her native planet.

Kianas - Laurel’s first love on Htrae, 5’ 11”, blond hair to his sholders and pulled back into a low tail. He is a Noble born Vampire so his eyes are blue crystles and is now her bodyguard, and has been made to protect her by Learden, securing his promise to honor their bond that has been broken out of necessity. Kianas has come close to death many times; only to be saved by Laurel and Learden, he owes them his allegiance. In book four Kianas must step back and watch Kronus as he tries to force Laurel to become his mate.

Naken - Vampire, like a brother to Kianas and bodyguard to Laurel – he is 6’ with sandy brown hair to his shoulders and pulled back into a low tail. He has been there since the beginning of the series. Naken and Cedair eventually hook up and become inseparable, making her another bodyguard to Laurel, but she also does reconnaissance for Kianas; she is a spy and infiltrates the alien’s vampire army.

Dena - Werewolf and second to Laurel, giving her guidance and protection – She is 6’ has shoulder lenth dark hair, blue eyes and has a lithe muscular body of the Werewolf. Dena is mated to Lakin who is like a brother to Learden. She helps Laurel with protocols regarding the different species on Htrae. She is also a close friend and claims, Laurel, as a part of her pack. In this book, Laurel, meets Dena’s two sons, whose clothes she wore when she first met Dena and Lakin.

Lakin - Dena’s mate and second to the south continent alpha – 7’ short blond hair and is muscular as a Werewolf usual are. Lakin is with Dena when he can be but he is also a commander in the Werewolf army and has other duties when Orrick needs him. When he is with Dena he is also one of Laurel’s bodyguards. Lakin is playful and loves Learden as a brother but he is also a fierce warrior at six foot four.

Peter - Laurel’s son and a commander in the Hybrid army –He is 5’ 10”, blue eyes like his human father and has short dark hair,  and like Laurel is changed by the planet. Her lenage is passed on to him so he is also Hybrid. when Laurel finally go’s to see her mother she cures Peter and he and Sara and Lorena go back to the army camp together where they train to fight alongside of her. Peter’s hate for the king almost gets him killed and Laurel has to rein him in before the aliens capture him.

Sara – Pretty, petite, long blond hair, blue eyes and is Peter’s mate who was turned by Laurel and Learden - she becomes Vampire and eventually becomes a fierce fighter when she has to save Peter from his own stupidity. She becomes a Lieutenant in the Hybrid army and uses what she has learned from Lorena about the power of the Witch.

Kim - Laurel’s friend and Raithe’s sister, blond and beautiful 5’ 6” and hazel eyes- was turned by Laurel and Learden but she does not have the Hybrid blood, she is Vampire and becomes one of Laurel’s bodyguards, a master at fighting with a sword and she eventually catches Kianas’s eye. She wants nothing to do with Kianas but eventually he wins her over and they will become mates by the end of this book.

Kolis - Hybrid, first commander in Laurel’s army and one of her bodyguards He is 6’ with short dark hair and a beard, muscular, and blue eyes- Kolis and Kianas, both of them are in love with Laurel, and shadow her everywhere after Learden leaves. Even though Learden has commanded Kianas to watch over Laurel he is still in love with her and does not want Kolis to be as attentive to her. Laurel finally gets tired of it and appoints a new second.

Edik & Kreese - Werewolves, sons of Lakin and Dena - have been fighting on South East Continent. When they heard the king was captured and taken to Witch Island off North Continent they followed the army and Learden to West Continent where they met up with their parents.

Ruck & Deka - Elf leader and his mate from East Continent - Ruck has become one of Laurel’s protectors after she delivers his female child and saves Dika’s life. This was after the sand demons started bombarding the group with fire balls. Laurel sends Commander Kolis to find and stop the aliens before they found the entire group of humans they were transporting to safety.

Nuri & Akie - Leader and first Elf Laurel meets on West Continent, Laurel convinces them to allow her army sanctuary. When she is left alone to wage war without Learden she allows them to perform a mating ritual in the middle of the camp. Overcome with grief and loss of losing her bond with Learden she falls into the hands of the ‘dark witch’ and Kronus.

Urallic - Kasan’s father and Vampire King - Laurel begins to dream about the dead king revisiting the vision she had when she and Learden were mating. He is trying to warn her of the danger from Kronus and the ‘dark witch’ Kala. This time she is mating with Kronus. 


Below me the destruction the aliens were leaving behind stretched as far as the eyes could see. The forest around the beautiful valley was a sobering contrast to the black boneyard of trees and the once lush green grasses; now gone, revealing only charred black soil. Trees that now looked like twisted, deformed black hands jutting out of the ground; soot lifting into the air by an unrelenting breeze that swept through the valley. The acrid smell made my nostrils flair with the burning sensation it left behind. Nothing was spared the destructive force of the sand demons. I watched, my heart pounding in my chest, as they continued to lay waste to everything within their reach.

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