Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Freebie

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#1 GIRLS BREAKING THE RULES-TASH is also on sale for 99p/c. 
Grab both of these books in preparation for the release of Shelby, releasing on Monday 28th December!

With over 70 combined reviews averaging 4.5 on Goodreads you don’t want to miss out! 

Pre-order links for SHELBY coming soon!



Add #3 SHELBY to Goodreads
Meet Tash; voluptuous, smart and sinfully sexy. She’s all about having a good time and moving on from men who don’t come up to scratch. A born organiser, Tash plans a naughty girl’s weekend in Marbella for her friends. 

Sun, sea and sex are the only things on the girls’ agenda, but Tash didn’t plan on hooking up with a hotty like James. 

James is a sexy firefighter; a man who can rescue kittens, put out fires, and make lady's knickers wet without even using his hose. When Tash and James get together temperatures soar, as James introduces her to a side of herself she’d never met before.

Meet Alexa; Flighty, flirty and lots of fun. 
A beautician by day, by night she works a pole. 

Strong in mind and body, no one messes with this sharp tongued girl, and no one can look away when she’s strutting her stuff. 

Johnny Murphy is a handsome Dubliner with a knicker-dropping accent, and bundles of charm. He’s also the brother of Tash’s boyfriend, James. 

Like all good stories, it begins in the pub, but can drunken flirting lead to something else? Will they be a match made in heaven? Or will the past tear them apart?
Meet Shelby; feisty, flirty and redheaded, she’s the object of desire to both boys and girls . . . which is fortunate, as that’s where her interests lie.

Openly bi-sexual, there isn’t much that can make this fashion photographer blush. Though her sexual exploits are legendary, beneath the bravado, her life isn’t quite as fulfilled. 

Meet Eleanor Murphy, striking, blonde and beautiful, she’s the fire station’s newest recruit. When the pair meet, chemistry can’t be denied, but will Eleanor be another notch on Shel’s bedpost, or could she be the one to light the way?

Join Shelby, Tash and Lex for the heart-stoppingly sexy and amazingly entertaining conclusion to Girls Breaking The Rules on MONDAY 28TH DECEMBER. Pre-order links coming soon!

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