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Testing the Boss - Release Tour

Welcome to the Release Tour of TESTING THE BOSS by Mallory Crowe. This is the fifth book in the Billionaires in the City series! Now lets learn a bit more about Mallory.


Tell us five random things about you people may not know.
1 - My father was a sports writer with the Detroit Free Press, so writing is in my blood.
2 - I played a whore - no, I'm sorry. I played a "lovely lady" -  in my high school production of Les Miserables.
3 - My husband collects arcade machines and our basement is basically an arcade with over twenty machines including pinball, slot machines, racing games and shooting ones.
4 - I used to have a little room dedicated to my writing, but I've moved into the living room. I like the light from the windows and the high ceilings. It's a much more relaxing environment.
5 - My life as a CPA was never what I'd call luxurious. BUT the best work hotel I ever got to stay at was a Mississippi casino that had a hot tub in the room. I wasn't the one who booked the room, so I don't know how that worked out, but it was the best work trip ever.

What is your favorite quote or scene from TESTING THE BOSS?
Before I was even finished with TOUCHING, I had this amazing scene plotted out in my head. Luke and Evelyn are stuck in her apartment waiting for someone to call, and Luke wants her to give him a fighting lesson. The banter between the two, the tension, everything about that scene is amazing (I only hope it translates to the page like it did in my mind). Needless to say, it ends with one character straddling the other...

What was your hardest obstacle to overcome while writing TESTING THE BOSS?
This was actually the first book that I've written as a full time author. I was privileged enough to leave my day job  earlier this year and I was very afraid that I was hardwired to only work well under pressure (getting home at 7pm and then pounding away on the computer until I pass out every night). But I was able to keep my schedule and, thanks to my type A personality, I've managed to over plan my next year, so I still get to work under pressure! Never a dull moment over here...

Care to share your inspiration for Evelyn and Luke?

While some of my characters are inspired from other people, Luke and Evelyn were both very organic. When I started the Devereaux books, I knew there would be three brothers and Luke was almost a place holder when I was plotting the series. But as the books were written, he came into his character as the more charismatic brother. Same with Evelyn. She just happened to be the FBI agent in TRUSTING THE BOSS and while writing TOUCHING, it became apparent that she and Luke would become an item. So then her character was based off of him. He was so loud and confident that he needed an equally strong counterpart. And her character came from that.

Testing the Boss by Mallory Crowe

Date of Publication: November 19, 2015


Billionaire Luke Devereaux gets what he wants and what he wants right now is to bring down the shady organization threatening his family. Teaming up with the FBI is his only option--even if that option comes in the sultry Evelyn Price, the ice-princess who's all business.

Refusing to be distracted by the sexy, rich playboy, Evelyn forces herself to stay focused on the case, gearing up for the criminal takedown of her entire career. As the enemy closes in with Evelyn as its next target, it's up to Luke to keep them out of danger. The more they work to protect each other, and fight for control, the harder it is to resist their undeniable attraction.

And the one thing Evelyn has learned from working with him is that Luke Devereaux gets what he wants.

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"You don't want to work out with me," she warned. He leaned forward and she realized that she'd made a horrible mistake. "Oh really? Think I can't handle it?" Great. Now she'd activated his competitive side. "Oh, I think you can handle it. Far away from me, though." "So I'm free for the night?" "No! I'm going to be there for the damn phone call, Luke." "So we are working out together?" She opened her mouth to say no again, but he cut her off. "Because you normally work out right now and we've got nothing better to do. Unless you have any bright ideas?" She had at least fifty reasons why she didn't want to work out with Luke, and every single one had to do with not wanting him in her space. But she wasn't about to admit it. "You don't even have workout clothes with you," she settled on. He held up his duffel. "I always have workout clothes with me. I have a treadmill in my office." "We're not working out," she repeated. He cocked his head and considered her for a moment. "Do I make you uncomfortable, Agent Price?" Those blue eyes were on her like a spotlight and she racked her brain for a good lie. Because he did make her uncomfortable. Incredibly, intensely uncomfortable in the worst way. "Of course not." "Then give me the address and we'll go." "You're not a member of my gym." "I'm a member of whatever gym I want to be. You just give me three minutes alone with the manager and I'll be in." She snorted. "I doubt that. I'm the manager. I have a home gym." "The exclusive club Evelyn? Well, now I really want to go."



About Mallory Crowe

Mallory Crowe has lived in Michigan her whole life and has been in love with romance ever since she'd skip to the end of every novel, just to make sure the hero and heroine survived and ended up together. She lives with her husband and three dogs. When she's not writing, she's spending too much time in front of the TV, hiking, or working with various animal rescues.

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